Manali Camping has 18 locations to enjoy the Ultimate Experience


From being a popular destination for families to a dream for couples, as well as an ideal home for those who love adventure, to a popular place to hang out for a brief trip with friends when you’re looking to camp in Manali, there’s much more to this than that. you are also able to visit the host jibhi.

The following is a summary of the information about Manali Camping

The days of camping were about making a tent and then admiring the sunrise from high up on the mountain. Though the practice has some appeal, there is so much more to camping in Manali that one can’t imagine. From the excitement of camping at night in the snow-capped mountains to the excitement of camping peacefully in Manali close to the river, this hill station provides a journey filled with unexpected experiences at every step. With various kinds of camps, like Manali Trekking Camp Riverside camps, night camps, and Manali adventure camps, especially in December, you will never miss out on adventure opportunities when camping in Manali. So If Manali camping has been on your list for a while, it could be the perfect time to begin making plans for your perfect winter trip.

The weather in Manali

The climate in Manali will not be a surprise to any kind of traveler. Serving travelers all year with a warm climate, the mountains can change their seasons in a short time. While this particular aspect of Manali’s weather Manali might not be suited to the needs of families, for those who like to make their way through tents in Manali every season can prove to be ideal


The season begins in March and runs through June. The average temperature is 10degC to 25degC.


It begins in July and continues until mid-September. The average temperature is 11degC and 15degC.


The season begins from October until February – Average temperatures range from 15degC to 12degC.

The best times to camp in Manali:

The months of May and June are the ideal time to visit Manali. Reducing the need for camping, trekking camps are among the most popular to visit Manali during December. Not only do you have the chance to experience the wonders of nature, but you also enjoy the beauty of snowfalls, watch soul-shocking sunrises, and soak in the stunning views of the majestic Himalayas.

Average camping budget in Manali

Various packages are available online for camping in Manali which depends on several factors like season, duration, inclusions, and exclusions. In Manali, a basic camping package normally ranges in price from INR 1,500 to INR 2,000 per person and includes the following:


(excluding triple sharing or double tax and sharing)

Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner)

At least three or four exciting activities, like valley crossing flying fox, canyon climbing, and rappelling.

Additionally, getting to Manali from the closest city of Delhi can incur various expenses dependent on the method of transportation chosen by the tourist.

Flights departing from New Delhi to Kullu Manali airport could cost as high as INR 5000 per individual for an all-around trip. (Based on bookings that are made 45 days before departure)

Trains only connect to the nearest station of the railway line which is located near Jogindernagar railway Station. Since there isn’t a direct train service from Delhi to Jogindernagar. Costs can exceed 22,000 rupees for a single-way trip.

Buses are the least expensive, most convenient, and the most effective method to get to Manali from Delhi. On average, one-way journeys on HRTC state-owned and private Volvo buses could cost up to INR 1000 per person.

Beas River:

A perfect mix of majestic hills, lush greenery, flowing streams, and postcard-like views of the Himalayas, camping in Manali is nothing more wonderful than camping along the Beas River. Originating from the Beas Kund region that lies in the middle of the Himalayas, the Beas river flows into the Sutlej basin, which is located in the Punjab state. Punjab. Stretching for 470 kilometers, One of the best places to camp along the river within Manali can be found along the River Beas.

Best camps near Beas River:

Wild in Himalayan Camps, Rock Zone Adventure, Expeditions in Manali, and more.

Solang Valley

The stunning valley is perched on the crest of Kullu. The stunning Solang Valley is a breathtaking camping site, situated within a distance of approximately 14 km far from the city center. Named in honor of the village that is nearby Solang This valley offers an ideal blend of nature and snow. Undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love adventure, camping in Solang Valley is an ideal spot for skiing, cable car rides, paragliding, and many other sports that require a lot of courage, apart from campers in Manali.

Top camps near the valley

Solang Valley Camp Retreat, Adventure Valley, Camp Camp 21, and more.


If you are seeking a quieter area can check out Bhuntar which is situated in several regions of Manali. This location offers camping adventures like never before. It offers a basic camp that is equipped with the amenities necessary to survive in the jungle. Situated just next to the river, this camp offers the most unique camping experience.

Tirtha Valley

Tirthan Valley is the Himachal Pradesh region’s top secret, Tirthan Valley is ornamented with stunning views over the countryside. Resting at an altitude of 1600 feet, Tirthan Valley is an ideal spot to experience the best of nature and experience some adventure. This area is also known for its camping spots where adventure seekers can escape the bustle and hustle to see its beauty. undiscovered location while staying in the forest.


Best camps near Tirthan:

Tirthan Jibhi Camp

Kothi Village

Enjoying being close to the highway to Lahaul, Spiti, and Leh, camping in Manali needs no introduction, especially when it is in the quaint little town of Kothi. Located at a distance of about 16 km from the city center of Manali, Kothi village is very famous for offering panoramic views of the gorge. River Beas can be seen flowing through the gorge which also serves as a perfect base to enjoy the best of paragliding.

Top camps near Kothi

Backwoods Mountain Camp Hamta, Himalayan Frontiers Adventure Camp, Camp Exotica Manali, and many more.