Examples of Shopify Stores For Inspiration

Whether you sell food, clothing, or beauty products, Shopify is the perfect place to create a business page that tells your story and sells your products. Want to get inspired to have a more unique Shopify store? Here are some inspiring Shopify stores that are not afraid to stand out and have overcome challenges to become a success!

SkinnyMe Tea

This Australian company sells all-natural detox teas. They were started in 2012 with the goal to help people reach their health and wellness goals. The team is made up of health professionals that care about nutrition and exercise. After just nine months they generated $600,000 in a month. SkinnyMe Tea is a brand that’s about motivation and support.


Press was created by two dudes that just love cold-pressed juices. And who doesn’t? They are delicious and healthy! Press wants to provide a variety of quality juices for people that will help you meet your daily nutrition needs. Each juice is 100% plant-based. Weirdly enough, the company started in a bathtub! Press is all about positivity and health, sharing their products with people all over the world.


This Shopify store is passionate about nutrition. Even though the brand has grown significantly over the years — they sell more than 200 products per day — the company has kept a hands-on approach to ensure quality control of their products. Every product is earth friendly and vegan. It’s all natural and GMO-free!

Cookbook Village

This interesting Shopify store is a big collection of cookbooks from all over the world featuring a variety of foods and culinary styles. This unique concept has created a community of cookbook lovers that enjoy sharing their stories and recipe results with each other. Since 2011, the shop has been known for its customer service and personalized advice.

Quad Lock

This Australian store allows you to attach your phone to your bike, car, or even your arm. This allows you to exercise with music while having your hands free to bike, lift weights, and dance! There have been a variety of products coming out as the business continues to thrive. Started by cyclists, Quad Lock is all about pursuing adventure and living your best life.


This Shopify store has gone through a huge transformation. BURGA began as a female-focused phone case store but has since expanded to an abundance of fashionable accessories. Everything from laptop cases to water bottles to glasses chains can be found on BURGA. While the items are varied, the style is quite curated with a signature look to help you perfect your aesthetic.

Studio Neat

Studio Neat was created by two designers that just want to solve a bunch of problems. Their first product was the Glif, a tripod mount for smartphones. They have an abundance of other accessories that make using your phone more convenient than ever like wood docks and durable pens.

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