Few important facts to make your life on invisalign easier

Invisalign is the cutting-edge technology to correct misalignment of the teeth. Unlike conventional metal braces those used in invisalign remain virtually hidden inside the mouth and thus the treatment is discreet. Moreover these modern braces are removable. In easier words, this discreet teeth straightening procedure easily suits modern lifestyles, says a dentist with years of experience in handling patients with invisalign in London. But life on invisalign is not that easy at least in the initial stages. Here are few tried and tested tips to adjust with your new life with braces faster.


Effectively dealing with canker sores caused by sharp edges of your invisalign trays

While you start your invisalign journey you must take special care of your tongue. The plastic invisible aligners may have edges sharp enough to create sores in the soft tissues of your mouth. Every time you switch over to a new set of aligners you may have to face the problem of canker sores. After a few days your mouth becomes used to it and the issues does not sting you anymore. But those few days are really painful.

Dental wax helps – Try solving the problem using dental wax. Take about a pinch of the item and roll it to shape before applying it over the edges. You will feel much comfort this way. But if the tray has a particularly hard section that proves difficult covering with wax, then you have to visit your invisalign provider’s office and ask him or her to file it down for you. You should not try to do this filing DIY as your untrained hands may damage the trays.

Antibacterial mouthwash for faster healing – Rinse the mouth with an antibacterial peroxide based mouthwash to resolve the problem of the sores. Initially the mouthwash is likely to sting into your wounds but you can be rest assured this will heal up the canker sores faster.

Specific medications also prove helpful – Over the counter medicines prove also helpful too curing canker sores.

Importance of chewing exercises and orthodontic chewies

invisalign is meant to facilitate movement of the teeth into new position for better alignment. Chewing exercises prove helpful to make your new aligners seat perfectly on the current placement of your teeth. Orthodontic chewies are soft and tiny items that contribute a lot so that the teeth adjust with your aligners. If you want to get rid of the inconvenience caused by the plastic aligners trays on your teeth faster, practice chewing exercises with orthodontic chewies several times a day. This exercise is to be done the first few days after switching over to a new set of aligners. These chewies are provided by no one else but your invisalign expert.

Chewing exercise not only helps overcoming the problem of maladjustment of your fresh aligner trays but also improves blood flow through the gum tissues. The sugar-free orthodontic chewies are an excellent option keeping the teeth and the gums healthy and strong.

One of the most important things for invisalign patients is keeping daily track of hours they are on invisible aligners. The stipulated hours that dentists recommend to ensure timely and expected results are 20 to 22 a day. If you fail to stick to this commitment, that may have a severe impact on your treatment result. On the other hand, wearing aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day is not easy unless and until you get used to a totally different lifestyle that prioritises your ongoing treatment.

One of the best things about invisalign in contrast to conventional braces is the aligner trays are removable. Initially you are likely to remove the trays frequently from the teeth and that is completely okay. But as the treatment progresses with time you have to overcome the temptation of slipping the aligners out from their position neither too often nor too long. Else your customised treatment plan is bound to get jeopardised heavily. There are lots of tools and techniques available to keep track of the number of hours you spend on these invisible plastic aligners every day. TrayMinder is one such app and it is free to use. If you do not want to go digital, it is okay to note down the number of hours you are wearing the trays a day.

The accessories you need to build up your daily routine

It is important to have the right accessories to fulfil the stipulated 20 to 22 hours of wearing the aligners a day. These days, nCase is quite popular among invisalign patients. It is not just a smart case for your retainer trays but it also keeps track of your daily wear time through an integrated phone app which is installed in your smartphone. The device gives you alarm signals when it finds the trays are out of your mouth for too long. Invisalign experts at the Smile Clinic London name the other accessories that you need to have as following –

  • A travel toothbrush and floss
  • An aligner removal tool
  • Retainer cleaner spray

In addition to that carrying an extra retainer case is always better.

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