From Trailer Park to Golf Shop: One Man’s Unlikely Success Story

He had dropped out of school when he was just 15 years old and didn’t have any real career goals or life aspirations to speak of. Then, one day, he wandered into the local golf course looking for odd jobs and quickly fell in love with the sport – so much so that by the time he was 18, Mills had accumulated the funds to build his own little golf shop



The Shed:

It all started when fresno theme park man named Jim set up shop in a trailer park, selling golf equipment from his little shed. What he didn’t know was that one day, he would have a staff of 20 and 10 acres of land. He started with just enough space for his golf balls and clubs, but soon realized he needed more room for the other things people liked to buy at the golf course. That’s when he expanded and took over a nearby house. When the economy crashed, Jim saw an opportunity to take advantage of cheap land prices and moved his business out of town, where he had been renting for years. He now has three stores in two different states – all with that same humble beginning as the little shed in the trailer park.

Second Chance:

Bill was born in the trailer fresno theme  park and grew up there, but never lost his love for the game of golf. He opened a small golf shop in his shed that he could always escape to when things got tough. Little did he know that one day, his makeshift little store would become a thriving business that supports many people in the community.

Bill couldn’t afford anything better than a tiny shed at the time, but it turned out to be perfect for what he needed – it became his own private haven from time to time when things got tough for him. Bill has been playing golf since he was 3 years old, and knew from an early age that there was nothing else in life he wanted more than to teach other people about this wonderful game.

Tips from the Experts:

When starting a business, it is important to ask for help. This will not only give you more resources but also show that you are serious about your idea.

Some Tools of The Trad:

The phrase some tools of the trade can be used in a variety of ways. It could refer to something that is necessary for the job, or it could mean something that is needed by a particular group. We all know what tools are needed for carpentry, but what are some tools of the trade for someone who works with golf? According to Golf World, here are some tools of the trade:

What Makes a Good Picture:

There are three elements that make a good picture: composition, lighting, and subject. When composing your picture, consider the visual balance. Is it symmetrical or balanced? Will the picture be stronger if there is an even distribution of objects? Lighting can also change the tone of a picture. Try to take advantage of natural light and avoid using flash when possible. The final element is your subject matter. Don’t underestimate the importance of this element! You want your images to stand out from what others might post on social media or elsewhere in their lives.

Never Give Up:


Jackie tells the story of how his dad, who was a dirt poor farmer in Arkansas, would always tell him never give up and that he would see him become successful one day. When Jackie graduated from college with a degree in accounting, he looked for jobs out of state until he had enough money to buy land back home. He found a 3 acre piece of property that didn’t have any buildings on it and started renting a trailer on it. With no loans or outside investors, Jackie built his business over time by adding little sheds as they became necessary. Eventually he bought the trailer park and converted them into permanent buildings so now his little golf shop is housed in the old trailer park!

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