How an eCommerce SEO Agency Can Improve Your Website’s UX

Hiring an eCommerce SEO agency is no small expense. For some business owners, it might take quite a bit of deliberation before making a decision one way or the other.

That said, working with an SEO company can help bring in more organic traffic and improve the likelihood of generating higher conversion rates and sales.

But while it is true that some eCommerce SEO services providers can “work in mysterious ways” they can still have a real, tangible impact on website UX.

Here are a few things they can do to help both SEO and UX.

Boosting Site Speed

Website speed is one of the most important technical ranking factors in SEO, and its effects on UX cannot be understated. As many as 90% of users will bounce off a web page when the load time jumps from one to five seconds.

Time on page is something that, even if it isn’t a direct ranking signal, has an effect on SEO known as “splash effect.” That means it will indirectly affect site ranking.

Not to mention slow websites aren’t going to encourage customers to convert.

Improving Site Navigation

Even if your eCommerce SEO agency doesn’t make any legitimate, significant changes to the overall site structure, they will likely change the overall site link structure to encourage conversions.

This can be easily done by sewing internal links throughout the copy of the website. For instance, putting internal links on product pages to other products that are frequently bought together, or inserting links into a blog that encourages conversions, can both result in sales.

Google will see this advanced structure and both your rankings and UX will likely improve.

Enhancing Site Security

Online shoppers are simply intolerant of websites that don’t have that little “padlock” in the URL which indicates “https” and you’re going to miss out on sales if you lack it.

Fortunately, an SSL is not only affordable, it is easy to install, and most eCommerce SEO companies would be more than willing to help you out with any confusing configurations.

Improving the Brand Integration and Usability of Your Theme

Let’s not forget about the ranking signals that have a splash effect, such as average session duration, number of sessions, and number of pages per session.

These things are in part affected by the overall quality, appearance, and functionality of your online store.

While some eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are compatible with free themes, templated options will only get you so far.

Brands don’t succeed by their likeness to other brands, but by the fact that they offer an experience that simply can’t be gotten elsewhere. Your website should be the same.

Many – though not all – eCommerce SEO agencies work with developers and even designers that offer supporting services that will improve the effectiveness of their eCommerce marketing strategies.

If your eCommerce website stands to improve, either talk to your SEO provider about performing a site audit or ask what support services they can offer.

Gearing Your Website Toward the Right Audience

Finally, and no doubt, most importantly, an SEO company will attract the right audience by targeting only relevant keywords.

A positive eCommerce website experience starts with attracting the right audience and delivering on expectations. If people visit your website looking for information on candlemaking supplies and then expect to buy them, your website would do well to deliver!

Ensuring only the “right” traffic gets to your website is a function of keyword research and targeting – which are two essential elements of running a successful eCommerce SEO campaign.

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