How to Make Your Videos Go Viral: The Interactive Way

Viral videos aren’t just something that happens when the stars align and you get that one-in-a-million piece of content. They can also happen to you, if you know how to make your videos interactive. Interactive video don’t require any special equipment or major investments; they just require an understanding of how to make people want to share your video with others because it connects them to what they care about and makes them feel included in the content. This article will show you everything you need to know about creating viral videos by making them interactive so more people will share them and watch them longer.

What are interactive videos?

The Cinema8 team has been working on interactive videos since they were founded in 2013. Cinema8 is a virtual reality company that specializes in making interactive videos. In fact, their name comes from the number of cameras (eight) that are used to capture video for their interactive movies. Interactive video is different from a traditional video because the viewer can manipulate what happens in the video by clicking and dragging objects on screen with their mouse or finger. For example, if you’re watching someone opening up a present, you can click and drag the box onto your desk and open it up yourself! So far there are no other companies doing this so it’s currently a relatively new concept.

Why do you need them?

Videos are a great way to reach your audience and make your message stand out, but too many videos go unnoticed. Cinema8 is the best way for brands and businesses to create interactive video that will get noticed. With Cinema8, users can engage with your video in 8 different ways, such as choosing their own adventure or selecting what happens next. This allows you to create a more captivating experience that will keep people coming back for more. And with over 5 million downloads already, we know this is the future of video marketing! If you’re looking for an innovative way to increase traffic and grow your business, check out our free trial today.

5 ways to make your videos viral

Add an interactive element. You can do this by creating polls or quizzes for your viewers to participate in during the video, so that they’re not just passively watching. This will make them feel like they’re really a part of what’s going on and it’ll help keep their attention, too.

Mix up your videos with other types of media. You don’t have to just post videos on YouTube; you can also incorporate graphics into your videos, or create infographics that highlight the key points that you want people to remember about your product or service.

Be creative with how you market your content. One way to do this is by releasing teaser trailers before your actual video comes out (similar to how Hollywood does). It creates hype around your video and builds anticipation among those who are waiting for it. Then when you finally release the full version, everyone is eagerly anticipating what’s next from you!

Invite guest stars onto your show. If someone else is interested in what you have to say about a topic, why not feature them as a guest? That way if they agree to be on your show, they’ll likely share it with their followers which will increase the number of views that you get as well!

Spice things up by adding some interactivity!

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