What are Naked URL?

Naked URL or Say Naked Links are that hyperlink that displays the full URL.

In technical language, we can say a Naked URL is a hyperlink that utilizes the URL itself as the Anchor text.

That’s it. A Naked URL looks somewhat like this It has been seen that a hyperlink is anchored to the text. Which resonates with the content on the linked page.

According to Google’s John Mueller, this is no harm to the links coded without anchor text.

He also proclaimed that Anchor text is a strong signal and google uses it but as a secondary.

A user asked on Twitter tagging Google’s john Mueller what factors that matter to rank a website and John Mueller reverted in a fun way “Awesomeness“.

So what that awesomeness should consist of which helps you to rank your website?


Google ranking Signals.

Google evaluates sites on Google numerous google ranking signals or factors, you ain’t just aim your SEO strategy on one thing.

Although in our knowledge. We know that Google keeps configuring its ranking signals to provide the best relevant results of searches.

It means with a little understanding and creativity, you can rank your website.

So, we have listed some points that you should take care of.

You can also see this as an SEO mistake that you should avoid.

Google Ranking Signals/factors:-

Quality of content

Quality of content has always been the foremost and profound factor to rank your website or gaining organic traffic to your website. Your content must provide significant value to the users. Content should be fresh and crisp to engage more and more visitors to your site. Also, select keywords that resemble your content for better results. In many types of research, it has been shown that due to keywords and relevant content. Many websites have ranked at the top of SERPs.

Page experience & Page speed

Researchers, it has been seen that due to unappealing layout and laggy page speed not only stop engaging users to your website but also form a negative image in the heads of the visitors, eventually. You can’t be ranked. Designing a user experience that sets adequately with your SEO is crucial if you want to attain rank in the SERPs.

Create Mobile primarily

It was advised to create a Mobile website first as google indexes and ranks your content that straightly arrives from the mobile version of your website. Mobile-first indexing was first commenced in 2017, at a slow pace it got officially finalized in March 2021.

On-Page optimization

On-page optimization is as important as other things, it can boost your quality content to get found rapidly by search engines and users. Updating HI tags, cleaning go metadata and internal linking structure will help you to optimize your website and enhance its probability of ranking.

Quality of backlinks.

Backlinks are links that are supervised towards your website, which are also recognized as inbound links. The amount of backlinks that your website has, gives a hint of the rage or significance of your website. Backlinks are crucial for SEO because Google will give additional credit to websites that have a good quantity of quality backlinks, and contemplate those websites as more related than others in their results pages for a search query.

Backlinks remain an important Google ranking factor, but over the years. Google has understood to differentiate the bad links from the good. The more links that your website has will result in a higher score. But only if they’re from high-quality and authoritative domains. There are a number of moves to gain high-quality links for your website. Which include; link building, outreach, guest blogging, and digital PR.


As we said above, Google rankings rely on numerous factors, you can’t just put all your SEO at one thing but Google keeps configuring its system to best meet the needs of searchers.

Lastly, we suggest you concentrate on the quality of content, Page experience, optimization, and Google regular updates to make sure you always stay at the top of the mountain.

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