What is the Importance and Working Principle of Wood Pellet Crusher?

Wood crusher is also named wood cutting appliance, wood chipper, or wood briquette crusher. It can procedure the raw wood supplies (such as wood or branches) into wood chips or sawdust. It is extensively used in power generation, apparatus of carbon, new energy, agriculture, comestible fungi, and other industrial arenas. In this article, we will discuss the importance of crushers and their working principle.

Crusher is essential equipment for wood chipping or crushing in pellet creation. Crusher is considered to decrease the size of the raw wood supplies such as branches, logs, or other large-sized supplies before proceeding to other phases which is a main and imperative process in biomass pellet production.

It has three main portions: the main part of the machine, turbo-blower, and powder collector. It is ideal to find a well-known wood pallet crusher supplier for buying the best quality product for your industry. Below, I’m going to share the importance and working principle of a crusher.

Why Needs Crusher?

Size reduction expertise is an important deliberation in palletization because it can be the restraining factor in production as well as one of the priciest steps in the entire procedure. Not only does the size reduction apparatus consumes large numbers of power, but it also governs, to a great extent, the operating, conservation, and lifespan prices of other gear in the line.

For example, if the material is sized correctly when it influences the mill, the die need only turn as a forming device, not as a sizing device, which significantly improves the die life and diminutions energy consumption. So, the crusher is desired.

The crusher will get the raw wood supplies to be fragmented and re-crushed into wood overtones with a diameter of 2-3 mm, prepared for further drying, pelletizing, and briquetting. It is fortified with high carbon steel hammers and works with high effectiveness, extensively used in farms, wood factories, etc.

How to Crush?

The crusher generally contains cutting and crushing devices, fans, screens, engines, etc., which mixes the effect of cutting and crushing together. The edges cut and crush the raw supplies with a high revolving speed and the elements are then distorted by the force of the edges of the crusher by the recurrent cutting and crushing and the concluding size of the grind can be measured by the distance size of the screen.

The efficiency is tremendously dependent on the brilliance of the feedstock – even feedstock circulation to the crusher – suitable crusher patterns, well-sized screens, and a well-designed air scheme.

How to Maintain a Crusher?

The lubrication of the bearings is required after every three or four working hours. And the tautness of the belt should be accustomed although for a while. What’s more, each portion of the machine desires to be cleaned and examine timely to confirm higher crushing effectiveness and enlarge the working life of the crusher.


The above-mentioned information will let you know about the crusher and its working principle. You can find a reliable company for buying biomass pellet machines, wood pallet crushers, dryers, and many others.

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