10 Creative Uses for Old Red Cardboard Boxes

There are different ideas for using red cardboard boxes in everyday life. They are also used in many ways in the retail packaging business. You can use them to easily and safely move things that are valuable or breakable. Printed cardboard boxes are customisable to fit your needs, so they can protect your items well. When working with certain products, it is important to design them in special ways to package them efficiently. You can keep the box’s contents from moving and even breaking by customising the box. You can get these containers in plenty of shapes and sizes.


One solution to the problem of what to do with all those empty red cardboard boxes is recycling them. But is shredding the boxes the only way to get rid of them? No, not at all! You can turn this old packaging into something useful and exciting instead of recycling. Here is a list of interesting ideas to check out. These creative uses will turn cardboard into something new and amazing that you haven’t even thought of.

  1. Red Cardboard Boxes for Christmas Decorations 

It is possible to make your own Christmas decorations without making a costly visit to the craft store. Most of the time, you can repurpose whatever is around the house into something beautiful. For example, you can create a beautiful flower garland from cardboard paper towel rolls in time for your next party. You’ll just have to decorate, bend, glue, and thread some stuff. Red cardboard boxes are just perfect for it.

  1. Gift Purposes

Custom red cardboard boxes are ideal for large and small party favours and holiday gifts. They provide an ideal waste-free alternative by allowing you to reuse your packaging. You need not go out and buy a new box or gift bag if you don’t want to. By adding some stickers, flowers, and ribbon, even a plain cardboard box may be transformed into a beautiful present. You can also attach a handwritten thank you or wish card to the box. When you tie the box shut with a ribbon instead of tape, you can reuse it repeatedly.

  1. Storage at Home

People often use these strong paper and corrugated cardboard containers to store, pack, and move things. Similarly, almost every business worldwide uses them to package and ship its products. The same can be their usage at home. People always prefer to keep unwanted items out of sight in a basement or closet. You can also use them to move a few valuable items when shifting or for other reasons. For example, red cardboard boxes wholesale are great for storing seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter coats, and more.

  1. A DIY Scratch Pad for Cats 

Cats adore the roughness of cardboard, making it a great scratching surface. Make a wreath by cutting pieces of cardboard and rolling them into a coil before glueing them together. You can also cover the rough borders with fabric. As you work, sprinkle some catnip into the cardboard for added kitty affection. It’s a fantastic, low-cost option for entertaining your feline friend at home. These custom boxes are already printed in red, so you don’t need to paint the boxes again.

  1. Red Cardboard Boxes for Holding Cans 

You can get your hands on red packaging boxes if you purchase wine in bulk or are in direct contact with a bar or liquor store. However, do not be confused with boxed wine. Did you know that wine boxes make excellent storage for spray paint cans? The inner partitions of the boxes have appropriate space for the slim cans. Moreover, you can easily see the bright caps of the spray paint from the outside of the box. Thus, you can store spray paint cans on a shelf or in a cupboard until you need them.

  1. Create Compost for the Garden

You can add shredded cardboard to garden soil to make it bigger and give it more nutrients. Paper, which is what cardboard is made of, is good for the soil and helps plants grow. Skip the plastic and use plain cardboard to make your own. After shredding it, finally, throw it onto wet soil. You can speed up the process of breaking down by saturating the area.

  1. Magazine File Holder

You can always count on a good number of cereal boxes deposited in the recycling bin. Make a magazine file holder that is both functional and fashionable. You should trim print custom packaging to size and decorate it with patterned paper or fabric. While empty red boxes might not look sturdy, they make great bookcases or magazine racks. This DIY project is perfect for a fun afternoon or for impressing friends and family.

  1. Cardboard Furniture 

Did you know you can buy red cardboard boxes wholesale and turn them into real furniture? And not just cardboard boxes that are used as shelves, but real furniture made of cardboard. Even though it might not make sense initially, you can use this furniture in many different ways. Cardboard is cheap and easy to find, so you can make anything. You could make a seat for yourself out of cardboard, for example. Get some thick cardboard and a box cutter, and you’re ready to go. Making paper templates, cutting out the parts, and putting everything together is easy.

  1. Useful As Window Covers

Putting cardboard over your bedroom window to block the sun can help you sleep better. It is easier and less expensive than you might think to cover windows with custom packaging. After removing the tape, you can lay the box flat, take accurate measurements, and get rid of extra stuff. You can put it against the window frame to block the light and make it a safer room. This would help places with too much sun and also keep the cold out.

  1. Reuse as Dispenser Boxes 

You can store the plastic bags in custom red cardboard boxes. You should arrange them in a neat stack. Then, put the whole mess inside a small cardboard box. Make a slit in the container’s lid and remove the required number of bags as needed. This plastic bag dispenser is also useful in the basement, near the litter box or dog leash.


Red cardboard boxes are a vision to behold due to their bold colour. Moreover, they are made of sturdy and durable packaging materials. So, you can use them for carrying a variety of products. Moreover, these boxes are also useful even after they become old or have fulfilled their main purpose. You can get some inspiration from the above creative ideas.

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